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Need to hire a pumping PA System for your bands next gig?

When a big warm sound is required due to a massive room or you really need your band to make a lasting impression on your clients then it's time to bring out the big guns.

Roll in some extra sub and get 4 powerful tops and combine it with a cool FX filled mixing desk. Not forgetting 4 chunky active monitors with serious EQ abilities so you can hear yourself nice and clearly as you play. The idea here is not to lift the head off your clients with sheer volume, It's to create a deep high quality sound that is perfect. 






















The kick drum will most definetely do its job and get the room moving as the punters feel the bass on the dance floor and the crystal clear instruments and vocals will sit nicely in the mix with no strain on PA.

Why not get it delivered and set up nice and early?

Just walk in and play and when its all over we can take it away.

Need an experienced sound enginer?

No problem, they can take care of all the details and ease your stress.



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In business since 1967, we are the longest established Sound Hire and PA equipment company in Ireland. We offer vast experience in providing the latest PA , Lighting & Music systems with professional PA solutions for many types of events likeHouse & Karaoke Party's, Corporate.

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