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The Summer is Over

The summer is well and truly over and the festivals have closed up for a while but don't despair, the music, dancing and parties will still happen, be it in the comfort of your own home that is.


You can re-live the gig by playing your favourite artists from your iPod through one of our amazing house party music systems.

It's not the same I hear you say but if the setting is right and your surrounded by good friends getting slowly sozzled then your certainly on the right track.

So invite your buddies straight away, not forgetting the neighbours of course. All we require from you is your playlists sorted and we supply all the rest of the sound and lighting equipment needed to get the party into shape.

If you have a DJ and need decks that's no problem, we have a selection of kit available to hire. We supply Technics Decks and complete Pioneer Pro systems with powered monitors for perfect mixing. Another option is to simply plug your laptop into our amplifer, this can be done with the correct cables which we also supply. 

Lighting comes in two forms, number one is LED Up-Lighters, they can change the colour of the room with a subtle glow and create a great vibe. They dont use much juice and don't heat up making them ideal to safely position around the room to great effect. Number two is moving light, spinning beams of coloured light that cover the entire room for that festival vibe. Smoke machines and strobes can be added without breaking the budget to enhance the lighting effects but need to used sparingly.

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In business since 1967, we are the longest established Sound Hire and PA equipment company in Ireland. We offer vast experience in providing the latest PA , Lighting & Music systems with professional PA solutions for many types of events likeHouse & Karaoke Party's, Corporate.

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