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Need to hire a pumping PA System for your bands next gig?

When a big warm sound is required due to a massive room or you really need your band to make a lasting impression on your clients then it's time to bring out the big guns.

Roll in some extra sub and get 4 powerful tops and combine it with a cool FX filled mixing desk. Not forgetting 4 chunky active monitors with serious EQ abilities so you can hear yourself nice and clearly as you play. The idea here is not to lift the head off your clients with sheer volume, It's to create a deep high quality sound that is perfect. 





















Real Valve Sound

Real classic valves or software?

All the retro guitar amplifiers were hired out last weekend to a band looking to record their rehearsal, they also wanted to capture that classic warm sound digitally and have some fun in the process.

They hired the Vox AC 30, Marshall, Matamp and Orange retro amplifiers. Let's say these guys were no spring chickens, they were highly skilled musicians with huge experience of gigging and recording. Two of the band members possessed powerful Mac laptops and they had some brilliant amp simulators installed but they tell me the sound is just too clean for what they were looking for. They want the noise, the harmonics, the distortion and even the hum to colour their mix for a live classic feel. 

Yes it is very handy to have an entire studio inside your laptop and with the touch of a button you have a complete rack of high end processing kit at your disposal but if you have the time and the space it can be rewarding to brush the dust off the old retro kit and have some loud creative fun.

The guitars were plugged in and the red button was pushed on the Mac, they recorded a couple of mins and the sound was excellent.

They used a fairly decent microphone but the quality achieved was amazing and well worth the effort. They were having fun already and were going to spend the entire weekend tweaking and improving their sound.


LED Lighting for your party

Unique party lighting for hire

Hire LED lighting from sound hire in Ranelagh dublin

When you need to get the atmosphere just right for your party its all about the visuals and lighting. You can create a subtle glow or project moving patterns around the room to create that club feel. Sound Hire supplies brilliant LED lighting to DJs and house parties in Dublin and the most popular is the Moonflower. It can be beamed onto the floor or the ceiling and produces an exciting effect with its 256 seperate LED bulbs.


The Summer is Over

The summer is well and truly over and the festivals have closed up for a while but don't despair, the music, dancing and parties will still happen, be it in the comfort of your own home that is.


You can re-live the gig by playing your favourite artists from your iPod through one of our amazing house party music systems.

It's not the same I hear you say but if the setting is right and your surrounded by good friends getting slowly sozzled then your certainly on the right track.


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In business since 1967, we are the longest established Sound Hire and PA equipment company in Ireland. We offer vast experience in providing the latest PA , Lighting & Music systems with professional PA solutions for many types of events likeHouse & Karaoke Party's, Corporate.

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